Citytrip de Koog, Texel,
Netherlands, June 2021

Oudeschild, Texel, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

June 8, 2021

From June 8th to June 16 we are off to the island off Texel for a short holiday. The island of Texel is one of five inhabited Wadden islands in the North of the Netherlands. This band Wadden islands separate the North Sea from the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea is known for it´s high and low tides. During low tides a large number of sandbanks are exposed. With a guide you can walk from the main land all the way to the islands.

With the help of the VVV Texel in Den Burg we book a Bed and Breakfast with a family in the town of De Koog where we stay during our visit to Texel.

The plans are to relax, rent a couple of bikes and have some fun while cycling all over the island. Since we have planned to cycle a lot I am not going to bother you with an extensive explanation of how, where and when. It will be a photographic representation of Texel mostly, with some comments here and there.

Day 1
Tuesday, June 8th

Our citytrip starts with a drive to Den Helder to catch a ferry ride to Texel. According to the timetable on the website of the TESO ferry service......


Day 2
Wednesday, June 9th

Today we have planned a cycling trip to the North of Texel. The objective is the lighthouse located on the Northern tip of the island. The route we follow......


Day 3
Thursday, June 10th

Today the plan is to pay a visit to Den Burg. This is located in the center of the island and is the largest village on Texel. Archeological finds indicate that......


Day 4
Friday, June 11th

Today also is going to be a cycling day. This time it is Oudeschild, located on the east side of the island, which is up for inspection. The weather is somewhat less than......


Day 5
Saturday, June 12th

Today is going to be a day of rest. We have been cruising around Texel for three days now and our legs need some time off. We stroll around De Koog a bit, have a coffee here and a snack there......


Day 6
Sunday, June 13th

The sky is blue, not a cloud in sight and the temperature is rising. It is cycling weather! Over breakfast we planned to visit the village of Oosterend on the east side of Texel.......


Day 7
Monday, June 14th

Today also starts with a clear blue sky and a bright sun. One would think one is in southern Spain. Today we will visit Den Burg. That is pretty much the same way as any other day......


Day 8
Tuesday, June 15th

For most of the time during last week we took the cycling paths across the flat areas of Texel. Today we have planned to visit the floodplain called “De Slufter”. After breakfast we are back on the bikes......


and welcome!