Citytrip de Koog, Texel,
Netherlands, June 2021

Day 6
Sunday, June 13th

The sky is blue, not a cloud in sight and the temperature is rising. It is cycling weather! Over breakfast we planned to visit the village of Oosterend on the east side of Texel.

This a small village close to the Waddenzee. The old fisherman houses are relatively small and are considered protected monuments. The ambiance is idyllic. Most streets are still covered with cobblestones.




Oosterend is still the home of many fishermen. In the past there was a fishing port nearby at the IJzeren Kaap. This port silted up and these days al ships use the port of Oudeschild. For a long time in history it used to be the main fishing village of Texel, and most of the ship´s owners lived here. Shrimp fishermen in particular. These sailed the Waddenzee and stayed close to home.


The IJzeren Kaap



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The IJzeren Kaap is a cast iron construction of four levels, three of which are above ground. It is a beacon without a light and only visible during the day. Together with the IJzeren Kaap, the Oosterend Nieuw Hervormde church and the IJzeren Kaap were beacons on behalve of the shipping in the Waddenzee. Constructed in 1854, the IJzeren Kaap is considered a national monument.


The Giant Strawberry farm

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On our way back to de Koog we follow the Schorrenweg and pass by the Reuze Aarbei, a company founded in 1994 by two brothers. They are specialized in growing strawberries. At the roadside there is a stand with strawberries and strawberry products for sale. This is too good to pass by and we buy a box of strawberries as a desert for this evening.



Sunset at De Koog

-      ZEN      -


and welcome!