Graduation trip Lisbon,
Portugal, May 2019

May 2019

And we are off to Portugal again. This time for the graduation celebration of our son who did his study "Master in Finance" at the Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics. So we combine the pleasure of a few days of ″getting away from it all″ with celebrating the wonderful result of my sons academic achievements.

This time we are flying from Rotterdam The Hague Airport. A lot smaller airport and a lot less busy and far more relaxed. This will be our ninth visit to Portugal and our seventh visit to Lisbon. By now it feels more like coming home to me, and I am really looking forward to it.

Again we stay at the hotel Residencial O Paradouro, the same hotel where we stayed during most of our previous visits. It has proven to be a good and clean hotel, and it is on walking distance from the Baixa shopping district (downhill), near the Arroios metro entrance and various supermarkets and restaurants.

Day 1
Wednesday, May 8th

Rather than using the train, we take the car and drive to Rotterdam-The Hague Airport a little North of Rotterdam, simply because it has no train station. At the outskirts of the Airport there are large parking areas where we made........

Day 2
Thursday, May 9th

After a good night rest you feel a different person. Yesterday we bought some groceries at the nearby Pingo Doce supermarket. Bread, meats, sweet things and drinks. Breakfast therefore is taken care of! The weather today is pretty much........

Day 3
Friday, May 10th

Good morning to you all. And a good morning it is, because according to the weather forecast the weather is supposed to improve. We are not there yet, but the temperature will rise and it will become sunnier. The beach you say?........

Day 4
Saturday, May 11th

Today is the day that we actually came to Lisbon for; the graduation celebration of my son for his ″Master In Finance″ study at the Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics. The celebration and handover of the diploma′s takes place in the........

Day 5
Sunday, May 12th

Again it is our last day in Lisbon. We sleep late this morning after the hectic graduation event of yesterday. After we had a bite to eat to start the day with, we go out for a coffee with a snack. Again the weather is great, just like yesterday. It is promising to become........


and welcome!