Citytrip Lisbon, Portugal
October 2018

October 2018

A citytrip to Portugal? Lisbon? Again? Yes again! We like Portugal, it is feels like coming home. Besides, I have not seen everything there yet, this in spite of all the previous visits. There is always something new to be discovered in Lisbon. In addition to that, the weather in Portugal is quite a bit warmer than here in the North of Europe. So, yes Lisbon it is for the upcoming five days. I am looking forward to enjoying a bacalhau à brás dish in one of the small restaurants near the waterfront.

Since we have been here numerous times before we know our way well. We know how the subways work, we know the hotel where we have stayed before and we know the layout of Lisbon and where to go for some groceries. As I said before; it is like coming home. Again we stay at the hotel Residencial O Paradouro, the same one where we stayed during our previous visits. It has proven to be a good and clean hotel, and it is on walking distance from the Baixa shopping district (downhill), near the Arroios metro entrance and various supermarkets and restaurants.

Day 1
Tuesday, October 9th

Today, or should I say tonight we fly to Lisbon. Our flight departs at HR. 04:00 in the morning (or night if you please) and arrives in Lisbon around HR. 09:00. This leaves the entire day open for us to stroll around and enjoy the city........

Day 2
Wednesday, October 10th

And a good morning to you as well! Yesterday was a long day, so we stay in bed a little longer than usual. We freshen up, have a bite to eat and plan our day. Having visited Lisbon a few times before you might think you have seen it all........

Day 3
Thursday, October 11th

As I have mentioned yesterday, there is still a lot of this city that we have not seen yet. The next objective on my list of places I want to visit during this trip is the Christ statue on the other side of the Tejo River. We have seen it a million times........

Day 4
Friday, October 12th

Stepping out on the small balcony overlooking the community courtyards I can see that today is going to be sunny and bright. During breakfast we decide to pay a visit to Cascais. A train ride, a stroll along the Cascais bay........

Day 5
Saturday, October 13th

Our last day in Portugal! How time flies. Today at twelve we have to leave the room. We have breakfast in our room, pack our suitcase and go to the front desk to hand over the keys. Since we are venturing out into town again........


and welcome!