Citytrip Maastricht, Netherlands
September 2018

September 20, 2018

The name Maastricht is most likely derived from the latin name Mosa Trajectum, meaning as much as ″shallow spot in the Meuse″ where one could cross the river. Celts lived here around 500 BC, at a spot where the river Meuse was shallow and therefore easy to cross. It is not known when the Romans arrived in Maastricht, or whether the settlement was founded by them.

The Romans built a bridge across the Meuse in the 1st century AD, during the reign of Augustus Caesar. The bridge was an important link in the main road between Bavay and Cologne. Roman Maastricht was probably relatively small. Remains of the Roman road, the bridge, a religious shrine, a Roman bath, a granary, some houses and the 4th-century castrum walls and gates, have been excavated.

Maastricht developed from a Roman settlement to a Medieval religious centre and in the 19th century an early industrial city, and is known as the birthplace of the euro.

Day 1
Thursday, September 20th

Our citytrip starts with boarding the train bound for Utrecht at the station in The Hague. In Utrecht we do have to change trains. Once on our way to Maastricht we enjoy the ride and the changing scenery outside. Having reached Maastricht main station......


Day 2
Friday, September 21th

After having breakfast, we head for the Randwijck station, in order to return to Maastricht main train station. At the main station we buy some bus tickets for our journey to Aachen, Germany, which is located just across the border......


Day 3
Saturday, September 22th

Breakfast is good in this hotel! Various kinds of bread, rolls, various kinds of meat, cheese, jam and a boiled egg if you want. After breakfast we clear our room because today is our last day. We leave our possessions in care of the hotel......


and welcome!