Red Sea live-aboard
Egypt, November 2016

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November 11, 2016

The live-aboard trip was organized by the Dutch Scuba Divers diving centre. This SSI diving centre is located in The Hague. We will travel by plain from Amsterdam to Marsa Alam/Port Ghalib, and from there by boat to the Southern parts of Egypt, down to St. John´s and back.

M/Y Miss Nouran of the Sea Serpent Fleet

Day 1
Thursday, November 17th

Today the DSD members of the Red Sea live-aboard trip meet at Schiphol. From here we will fly to Marsa Alam, Egypt, were we will board a motor yacht from the Sea Serpent Fleet in the Marina of Port Ghalib......


Day 2
Friday, November 18th

Shaab Marsa Alam is an ideal spot for check dives with large pinnacles that almost reach the surface. You are likely to see turtles, morays, large napoleons......


Day 3
Saturday, November 19th

Today we start our diving at Gota St. John where we have an encounter with dolphins. Then me move to Danger Reef were we have one of the easiest dives this trip.


Day 4
Sunday, November 20th

Habili Ali is the largest Habili in the reef system known as St. Johns. Habili is the Arabic word for a reef that never rises to the sea surface, which means it is not yet an adult reef.......


Day 5
Monday, November 21th

Umm Aruk is a dive site that suits divers of all experience levels. The average depth of the site is 30m / 98ft and the water visibility is around 10-20m/32-65ft. This scuba dive site consists of......


Day 6
Tuesday, November 22th

Today′s first dive will be at Sha′ab Maksour Reef. From there on we will go to Sha'ab Claudio which is another small cluster of Ergs which collectively are part of the.....


Day 7
Wednesday, November 23th

Elphinstone Reef was named by Commander Robert Moresby of the newly formed Indian navy who named the reef in 1830 in honour of the Lord Elphinstone. At the time Commander Moresby was charting the Red Sea......


Day 8
Thursday, November 24th

Today is our last day in Egypt, the diving holiday has ended. This evening we will take a late night flight back to the Netherlands. We spend the day sight seeing Port Ghalib and cleaning and drying our dive kit.....

and welcome!