Citytrip Lisbon, Portugal
September 2016

September 25, 2016

Lisbon - this time we visit this wonderful city to look up a family member. We leave Amsterdam early in the evening at 19:25 and fligh to Portugal, for a four day city-trip. Arrived in Lisbon, we take the metro to Alameda station.

The hotel Pensao Residencial O Paradouro where we made reservations is only a five minute walk from here. This time we are here to visit our son who has taken up a study at the Catolica Lisbon school for Business & Economics.

Day 1
Wednesday, October 21th

We fly rather late in the afternoon this time, at 19:25. Having arrived in Lisbon at the terminal 2, we are transported by bus to the main terminal 1 where we collect our luggage. Then we make our way down to...


Day 2
Thursday, October 22th

When you have something to eat at a Portuguese restaurant, they usually put some bread on the table and some things to put on it like butter, marmalade, cheese or a sardine spread...


Day 3
Friday, October 23th

Hilltop sites presenting unobstructed views of Lisbon are called Miradouros, Portuguese for panoramic viewpoints. Each miradouro offers different aspects of the city views, with clear sightings of popular...


Day 4
Saturday, October 24th

Today is our last day in Lisbon. We spend it buying some clothes for our son who has taken up a study here. First stop is the Colombo Shopping Mall, a three-tiered huge shopping centre...



and welcome!