Summer Holiday 2014,
Portimão, Portugal
June 2014

June 2, 2014

Portimão is the biggest town in the western Algarve and sits on the bank of the Arade river facing Ferragudo on the opposite bank. Portimão's atlantic beach of Praia da Rocha has, over the years, become a resort in it′s own right with lots of hotels and apartments, restaurants and bars, discos and clubs and shops. It is a mix of late 19th, early 20th century buildings in the older part of the town, and high rise apartment blocks in various pastel shades of blue, pink and coral around it. The town centre is simply perfect for those who love to shop!

The Portimão Marina you simply have to see with your own eyes, because you′ll never have seen colours like it! Only a place in the Algarve could carry off ochre and terracotta! The marina is at the eastern end of Praia da Rocha at the entrance to the river. The avenue, Tomás Cabreira, which runs along the top of the beach, is full of restaurants, cafes, and shops and is particularly lively at night with a variety of bars.

At the end of the avenue is the Fortress of Santa Catarina de Ribamar, which was part of Portimão's defences against corsairs and pirates. It was built in the 17th and 18th centuries and gives a wonderful view of the beach and the cliffs on one side and the marina on the other.

Day 1
Monday, June 2th

It is two thirty in the morning (or at night if you prefer) when we get up. Our luggage is already checked and packed, and waiting downstairs. We have some coffee and wait for our taxi to arrive. Half an hour later we are on our way to Schiphol airport. Arrived at the airport......


Day 2
Tuesday, June 3th

Having rested well from our travels the day before, our first stop is the dining room for a breakfast. During breakfast you need to get whatever you like yourself. There are fresh rolls, fried bacon and scrambled eggs. In addition, there are breakfast cereals yoghurt and......


Day 3
Wednesday, June 4th

Today is my first day off diving. Before we left for Portugal I had already contacted a dive center nearby, called Exclusive Divers. I have ordered a ten pack off dives at the Ocean Revival Park. This is a group of former Navy vessels that have been scuttled......


Day 4
Thursday, June 5th

Today is going to be a touristic touring day. We will be going to explore the Western part of the Algarve by bus. A local guide who knows all about the Algarve accompanies us. The first leg off our journey brings us to the interior of the Algarve. We are heading north......


Day 5
Friday, June 6th

The second dive day has arrived! At the end of the previous dive day I have been promised some extra clothing to keep me warm in these fairly cold waters. Remember, the water is thirteen degrees celcius, no matter what depth you are! A 7mm wetsuit is just not enough......


Day 6
Saturday, June 7th

Today we will be going to the nearby city of Albufeira. This is one of the larger and busier holiday centres in the Algarve. We are going by public transport; the bus. We therefore need to figure out which busses to take and where......


Day 7
Sunday, June 8th

Good morning y′all! Today is my third scuba diving day here in the Algarve. I am looking foward of diving the wrecks of the Ocean Revival Park again. I am being picked up today by Paulo Bicho, who drives us to Alvor to pick up......


Day 8
Monday, June 9th

Today I don't feel like doing aaaanything! Sounds familiar to you? We are going to have breakfast, and then we will take a walk along the beach to Portimão, while enjoying the sunshine. In the process of doing so, I will make......


Day 9
Tuesday, June 10th

This is allready the fourth diving day. Time flies when you're having fun. And that is what diving is all about, having fun! Having been pickup again at the hotel, and having collected the equipment at Alvor we drive to the Marina......


Day 10
Wednesday, June 11th

We start our day with a good breakfast and a cup of coffee. Today there is no diving going on. Instead we are going for a relaxing walk across the beach towards Praia do Rocha. As we reach the beach, one thing strikes me. The beach is crowded but there......


Day 11
Thursday, June 12th

This is the fifth and last diving day. Again, time flies when you are having fun. Paulo Bicho picks me up at the hotel around eight, and the both of us drive to the dive centre in Alvor. The bottles of air are collected from the compressor room......


Day 12, 13, 14 and 15
Friday June 13th,
Saturday June 14th,
Sunday June 15th and
Monday June 16th

These are photographic last day impressions onely!......


and welcome!