Red Sea live-aboard
Egypt, April 2013

April 11, 2013

A Red Sea live-aboard, that is what we are about to do. This means one whole week of boat diving in the Red Sea, on various locations with two or three dives a day during seven consecutive days. The live-aboard trip was organized by the Dutch Scuba Divers diving centre. This SSI diving centre is located in The Hague.

We will travel by plain from Amsterdam to Hurghada, and from there by bus to Port Ghalib in the Southern part of Egypt, a three-hour bus drive. The boat from the Sea Serpent Fleet will then take us from there to various locations on the Red Sea, gradually moving to the North again back to Hurghada.

Photograph sources:

Most of the photographs used on these pages have been made by other members of the dive team. The underwater photographs for instance; since I myself do not own an underwater camera. Thank you all for sharing these with me.

Day 1
Thursday, April 11th

Today the DSD members of the Red Sea live-aboard trip meet at Schiphol. From here we will fly to Hurghada, Egypt, with a layover at Luxor. I arrive at Schiphol at around 11:45, and having wandered......


Day 2
Friday, April 12th

I wake up by the ringing of the ships bell, then I hear a voice shouting that breakfast is ready. I look up; the sun is shining brightly through the cabin window. Yesterday during the allocation of the cabins I ended up......


Day 3
Saturday, April 13th

It is about five o′clock in the morning as Amr′s voice sounds through the hallway; ″Goooood morning happy divers, breakfast is served″. It is our wakening call. It will not take long before the first day-boats arrive......


Day 4
Sunday, April 14th

The sun is shining brightly through the porthole as I wake up this morning. I feel hungry, I feel really hungry today. In spite of the boats slightly rocking on the waves, I don′t feel nauseas at all; just hungry! I guess......


Day 5
Monday, April 15th

Today we dive Little Brother Island, the smallest of the two. Amr briefs us around Hr: 06:30 about what is there to be seen and much more. Little Brother Island is really great for amazing walls covered by hard and......


Day 6
Tuesday, April 16th

"Gooood morning happy divers"; Amr shouts through the hallway. It is around six in the morning now. It is an early wake-up call because we want to be the first to dive the Salem Express before......


Day 7
Wednesday, April 17th

Today we are diving at Hurghada. Today is also another early one. We have breakfast at six and hit the water at around seven forty. This to beat the day boats to it. The ″it″1 is the Gotta Abo Ramada Reef......


Day 8
Thursday, April 18th

Today is our last day in Egypt, the diving holiday has ended. This evening we will take a late night flight back to the Netherlands......

and welcome!