Citytrip 2010
Rome - Italy

Rome - 2010

Saturday 2th off October 2010 we went on a short visit to Rome this time. We have never been to Italy before, so this was really exiting. We have chosen for a small hotel in the centre off Rome, hotel Regno, which is located in the Via del Corso.

The hotel was recommended by al lot of people on an internet travel site, and that proved to be correct. It is not a large hotel, but the rooms are clean, the bathroom is small but clean, the towels are regularly changed, the breakfast is good (we had bed and breakfast) and the staff is friendly and helpful. Another interesting aspect is that it is smack in the middle off Rome and therefore on walking distance (fifteen to twenty minutes) from many sites off interest.

Part 1

We went on a city trip to Rome this time. The three off us took the early flight (07:00 AM) that brought us to the Leonardo da Vinci airport at Fiumicino. Holland was a bit dreary in the morning with a temperature off about.....

Part 2

We then find our way to the Piazza Navona where the artists show and sell their paintings and drawings. It is a bit like Paris with its Montmartre. The Piazza has a rectangle shape and runs length wise from north to south, and is encircled with lots of........

Part 3

We get up early again, because the hotels dinner is not that large and we don′t want to wait for breakfast. We want to get back on the road again, there is still so much to see in this city. We are welcomed and given a table, after which they bring us.......

Part 4

The first point off interest we come across is the palace and the Stadium off Domitianus on the Platine hill. It has been designed for athletic contests in the nude Greek fashion. The Stadium was inaugurated in occasion of the first of new games in honor of Jupiter.....

Part 5

Today is our last day in Rome we have seen all the major sights that we wanted to see, so today we stroll around for a bit. I myself still want to see the small island in the middle off the Tiber River, so that′s where we are heading. We follow the Via del Corso.....

and welcome!