Christmas Citytrip 2009
London - England

Christmas 2009
London - England

Saturday 19th off December 2009 we went on a short visit to London, UK. We were there the year before during August, but we also wanted to see London all dressed up for Christmas. We stayed there for only three days, so there is not much off a story to tell. I will therefore restrict myself to photographs. By the way, the photo pages are a composition off both visits. I took the best or most interesting shots from each visit.

With the underground we went criss cross through the whole off London visiting all the interesting landmarks. We had bought an admission card that allowed us to travel without a limit throughout the city of London. No lining up in front of the ticket office.

During our visit we stayed in the Strand Hotel on the Strand. Truly a nice hotel, with clean rooms with a TV and bath and with a delicious breakfast. Lunch and dinner were not included. We ate out in the city a few times. There are some nice restaurants located on the Strand. On one occasion we had dinner at Garfunkel?s. I had a Yorkshire pudding with beef which turned out to be an excellent choice.

On another occasion we ate at the Pizza Hut. Not my first choice I have to say. As far as I am concerned the Pizza Hut is grouped in the same category as McDonalds or Burger king or anything like that. People that have read my other stories will understand what I mean by that. On the other hand I do have to admit that the plate off Tagliatelli pasta served at the Pizza Hut on the Strand was simply delicious.

We had some luck with the weather as well, since it only rained on the last day. And that started late in the afternoon. For the rest of the trip it was quite cold with a bright blue and sunny sky. Works for me!

Part 1

Harrods and Buckingham Palace with the Queens Guards, the Big Ben, the London Eye, speakers corner.....

Part 2

China Town and Regent Street, Covent Garden, street performers and public, Picadilly Circus at night........

Part 3

The Underground, St. Pauls Cathedral, St Bartholomew-by-the-Exchange, the Tower off London, the Tower Bridge and the Ferrari giftshop on Regent street.......

Part 4

Notting Hill, market on Portobello Road, street performers, Regent Street at night, Carol singing in Trafalgar Square.....

and welcome!