Summer holiday 2008
Le Cap D´Agde - France

Summer holiday 2008
Le Cap D´Agde, France

It is holiday season again, and this year also we go to France by car. The destination is the same one that we chose a few times before, so I won´t dwell on that. Instead I will focus on the novelties off the trip. Why go there again you might ask yourself? Well, the resort is clean, the cottages are nice, there is a nice swimming pool, a small but well furnished store on the premises, a nice restaurant, an animation team for the kids, a bar with a large TV screen and a big parking lot.

The town itself has a lot to offer as well. There is the port with all the boats where you can go to for a walk, the market on a Saturday, all the little shops and the deep and wide beaches. In the direct vicinity there are interesting places like Beziers, Nimes, Pezenas, Narbonne and Carcassonne to name a few. They all have a lot off beautiful and historical things to offer. So, that´s why!

If you want to know more about all of these things mentioned above, have a read off the pages covering the previous holidays in le Cap D´Agde. This topic goes about what I haven´t covered during the other occasions. The Canal du Midi to be precise. That is the topic I want to cover this year. I have occasionally mentioned this waterway in the previous journals but not in depth.

Since this topic covers the canals history and because over the years that history has been taught and told over and over again in schools and also on the internet, these facts are a common good. I will there for take some liberties and use some of these internet sites as a source and compile all the information available into the following pages. I am there for not going to conduct a search for the facts myself. No point in inventing the wheel again with the risk off introducing errors! I will however add a list of all the internet sites that I have used to make this compilation off historical facts. Credit to those who deserve it!

Part 1

The Canal du Midi is, quite justifiably, widely acclaimed as a masterpiece of engineering and ingenuity. Its creator, Pierre-Paul Riquet had to overcome many financial difficulties, withstand considerable political interference....

Part 2

The strategic value therefore is quite obvious and it had been discussed for centuries, in particular when King Francis I brought Leonardo da Vinci to France in 1516 and commissioned a survey of a route from the Garonne at Toulouse to the Aude.......

Part 3

Despite his original intentions, Riquet negotiated in 1670 to route the canal through to Carcassonne on condition that the town elders met the considerable costs involved. Riquet had calculated that a revised routing of the canal via Carcassonne would add over.......

Part 4

The canal is 240 km long, 10 metres wide and two metres deep, displacing some 7 million cubic meters of earth and rock. It is a magnificent feat of engineering, with 328 locks, dams and other engineering marvels, still fed by a complicated system of feeder canals and reservoirs. The locks at Fonseranes....

Part 5

A unique design of lock basin, roughly shaped as a womb, that could allow space for more boats than the conventional oblong basin. The extensive use of tree planting along the Canal du Midi. Most of the trees were Plane-trees or Cypress whose roots served to stabilize the banks of the.......

Part 6

Various photographs of Narbonne and Beziers.......

and welcome!

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Map of Cap D´Agde.

Map of Cap D´Agde.

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Map of Residence Saint Loup.

Map of Residence Saint Loup.