Summer holiday 2004
Le Cap D´Agde - France

Summer holiday 2004
Le Cap D´Agde, France

Our summer vacation for the year 2004 has again brought us to France. To the same place as last year. We enjoyd ourselfs so much that we wanted to come back here once more. Again we have taken a swim in the Mediterranean, and again we walked through medieval cities.

We also did quit a lot of sun bathing and even lots more of "nothing at all!". So, follow our holliday trail through the province of the Languedoc and enjoy!

Day 1 - 2
Friday, 2th July & Saturday 3th July

Today is the day. I am officially on leave now. For two whole weeks! This morning we will finish packing our stuff, loading it into the car and leave for the southern sun. Around eleven....

Day 3
Sunday 4th July

When I wake up this morning I still feel a bit shaky from the previous day (and night), but already I feel a whole lot better then yesterday. Still, I haven´t quite recovered.......

Day 4
Monday 5th July

We sleep late this morning. I suppose all of us are still more or less affected by the journey south. After having finished breakfast we go for some shopping to one of the local shopping.......

Day 5
Tuesday 6th July

This morning we sleep late again and our day begins with a family nine-thirty wake-up call. How are we doing and how is the weather out here? Well, thank you for asking. All´s fine and so is the weather.......

Day 6
Wednesday 7th July

Today I have planned to pay a visit to the nearby town of Séte. Last year I was unable to this, which I regretted very much. Nearby, because Séte is only about 18 Km away.......

Day 7
Thursday, 8th July

Good morning y´all. We got some fresh croissants from our resort shop and we have had a nice breakfast. And now we are on our way to the city of Agde. Today there is a market.......

Day 8
Friday, 9th July

It is 9:30 and I got out of bed only a little while ago. I have picked up some fresh croissants at the small grocery store and I return to the apartment while passing the pool. There is.......

Day 9
Saturday, 10th July

This morning we all get up rather late. And I mean really late! It is Saturday, and it is a day of leisure. After breakfast we decide to visit the local market that is held on the.......

Day 10
Sunday, 11th July

This morning also, the sky is bright and blue, with hardly any clouds. In the Netherlands it is cold, windy and rainy. The last couple of day´s rain has been poring down there.......

Day 11
Monday, 12th July

Some sun, a blue sky with only a few clouds and a bit of wind, and already it feels quite warm. Next is a French bread, a few croissants and a Dutch newspaper. This is our morning meal, French bread.......

Day 12
Tuesday, 13th July

Sorry to bother you with our repetitive morning ritual, but this morning is pretty much the same as yesterday. We got some fresh French bread, a few croissants and a Dutch newspaper.......

Day 13 & 14
Wednesday, 14th July

Getting up late is becoming a habit. One we like! So, we get up around 10:00 and do our selves a French breakfast, which is...? Yes, you guessed right, some fresh French bread.......

Thursday, 15th July

It is in the beginning of the afternoon and we haven´t done any spectacular things since this morning, just lying about actually. And by now you must be familiar with our morning ritual, so I.......

Day 15 & 16
Friday, 16th July

This morning nothing much has happened. We have made a start with packing our things, since we are leaving tomorrow for the Netherlands again. Our holiday.......

Saturday, 17th July

This is it. It is finished again! Our vacation, that is. Today we leave for home. Yesterday we did most of the packing, and this morning we will finish it. We intend to leave around.......


and welcome!

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Aerial view of Cap D´Agde.

Aerial view of Cap D´Agde.

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Aerial view of Residence Saint Loup.

Aerial view of Residence Saint Loup.