Summer holiday 2002
Charente - France

Summer holiday 2002
Charente - France

This year the summer holiday is kind of special, at least it is for me. This year we go for our annual holiday abroad by car, something we have never done before. This proves to be a great experience. We have decided to go to France (never been there before) and we have arranged a cottage for two weeks in a holiday resort named "le Chat" (the cat).

This resort is situated in the vicinity of Montbron, which is a small picturesque town in the province of Charente. So, enjoy my vacation travel log about Charente, France.

Day 1
August, Friday 10th, 2002

Our departure is planned quite early in the night (03:30), because during this time of the day the traffic will be far less dense then by day. When we set out on our .........

Day 2
August, Saturday 11th, 2002

Early this morning we wave our friends goodbye, because today they leave for home. The weather is clouded but the temperature is quite agreeable. Every now and then the sun even shows itself

Day 3
August, Sunday 12th, 2002

Today we remain on the park. We do not do anything at all; we do not go anywhere at all. Nada! Mind you, we do not have the car at our disposal! So, what can I say? We walk through the resort, and have a look at the various types of cottages..........

Day 4
August, Monday, 13th, 2002

The day starts somewhat clouded with the sun peaking from behind the clouds every now and then. I get up early today because I need to bring the car to the workshop, remember! Picture this, the whole..........

Day 5
August, Tuesday 14th, 2002

oday we stay at the cottage all day long. The weather is really nice and the sun starts to show it self from behind the clouds more and more. We do some reading and some drinking ..........

Day 6
August, Wednesday, 15th 2002

Sunny and warm, what a way to start the day! We decide to go to the weekly market at Piégut-Pluviers. Since this market starts quite early and closes at 12:00, we leave for Piégut at 9:00. Having arrived.........

Day 7
August, Thursday, 16th 2002

Again the day starts out sunny and warm, what a luxury! We have done our shopping the previous day, so we "take the day of" and we stay at the park. We indulge the rest of the day in sun.........

Day 8
August, Friday, 17th 2002

Again we start out with a sunny and a warm day. I love this place! We have left early this morning for a visit to the caves at Villars. The drive over there is simply beautiful. We drive.........

Day 9
August, Saturday 18th, 2002

At the risk of sounding utterly boring; the day starts out again warm and sunny. Being exposed to so much culture the previous day, we give the kids the day off. Thus they go out for some swimming.........

Day 10
August, Sunday 19th, 2002

Again the day starts out sunny and warm, what a luxury! We have done our shopping the previous day, so we "take the day of" and we stay at the park. We indulge the rest of the day in sun.........

Day 11
August, Monday 20th, 2002

Today also, we have a clouded start. We see this as an opportunity to do something, to go somewhere. We decide that today we will visit the castle of Rochfoucauld. This is recommended to us because the castle......

Day 12
August, Tuesday 21th, 2002

Last night was a particularly stormy night. An impressive light show in the sky was accompanied by exceptionally loud thunder echoing through the valley, and a shower of rain. It felt like it was.......

Day 13
August, Wednesday 22th, 2002

Lots of sun and here and there a cloud, it is nice and warm this morning. Vacations are usually spent relaxing and enjoying one self. However, sometimes you come across something that is worth.........

Day 14
August, Thursday 23th, 2002

It is warm with a cloud just here and there. What are these clouds doing in my sky? We have signed up for a carting race. This takes place today in Rochefoucauld. The boys that is, not me.........

Day 15
August, Friday 24th, 2002

The weather today is clouded. It is bright, but there is no direct sunshine. As it turns out we do not have enough bread for tomorrow. Tomorrow we will leave for the Netherlands again and we need some bread.........

Day 16
August, Saturday 25th, 2002

We get up this morning real early, and have a quick breakfast, and leave as planned around 6:00 in the morning. By this time the sun is not up yet. It is really dark and it is raining just a bit.........

and welcome!

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Aerial view on holiday resort Le Chat.

Aerial view on holiday resort Le Chat