Summer holiday 2002
Charente, France

Friday 24th August
Day 15

The weather today is clouded. It is bright, but there is no direct sunshine. As it turns out we do not have enough bread for tomorrow. Tomorrow we will leave for the Netherlands again and we need some bread for during our travel. We therefore will go to the Intermarche in Montbron for some shopping. Having returned from our shopping expedition in Montbron, we spent the first part of the afternoon packing our luggage, so we won´t have to do this early tomorrow morning.

The plan is that we will leave the park at around 6:00 AM. During the remainder of the afternoon we do some reading and relaxing. The kids are out playing a last game of soccer with the friends that they made during these weeks. In the late afternoon we pay a visit to some people we met here and tell them goodbye and whish them a nice holiday.

We learn that a lot of people are leaving tomorrow and they are having a last and late night drink on the porch with some music. The outside temperature is quite agreeable, you see! From the more experienced "Francofile" people we get some tips regarding directions and roads to follow while driving back home.

Because we have the intension to leave quite early in the morning, we also are turning in for the night early. Sorry, but I going to switch the lights of now. You are on your own as off now!


Saterday, 25th August
Day 16

We get up this morning real early, and have a quick breakfast, and leave as planned around 6:00 in the morning. By this time the sun is not up yet. It is really dark and it is raining just a bit. We get our stuff loaded in and on top of the car, check the cottage on items forgotten, and go to the reception office where we deposited our keys.

And now we set out for our journey home. We have chosen to go via the D699 to Limoges, were we will enter the turnpike road. I have been driving around this countryside here for two weeks now, but never in such darkness. This is a novelty again. Especially in the hairpin bends that curve around the hill slopes. You just have no idea what's coming around that bend in the road next. And then the rain really starts gushing down.

Eventually the road gets less bends in it and also gets a lot wider. By the time we reach Limoges it also has become a somewhat more lighter. It won´t take long now before the sun will show itself. We enter the turnpike road and head north (N20). It is about 8:50 when we reach Vierzon. By now the rain had stopped and the sun is brightly shining again. The weather is actually quite nice. Reaching Vierzon (St. Arnoult) we have to pay toll again, Euro 15,20.

We continue on the N20 heading north, going strait through Paris which we reach around 11:10. This part of the trip is particularly crowded. It gets better after passing the airport Charles de Gaulle, north of Paris. Driving towards Belgium the weather gradually gets worse again. It becomes more clouded with an occasional rain shower.

Nighty-night!Arras is reached around 13:25. We get of the turnpike road and head for Lille. By the time we reache the Belgium border, rain is really poring down on us. We take the freeway to Kortrijk, to Gent and from there to Antwerp that we pass on the East side, taking the Liefkenstunnel. We have used this toll tunnel a few times before and it has never ever been crowded on these occasions.

By the time we reach Roosendaal it is about 17:00 hr.. We pull over at a restaurant (a real one this time) and have dinner. Because of the good weather yesterday, it never crossed my mind that the weather up north could be so considerably different from where we came from. I am still wearing shorts, a T-shirt and sneakers, while everybody else is wearing a sweater and a coat. I feel a bit ridiculous I have to say.

The food is good, I am tired, we go home, we come home, we go to bed!

I had a really great time!

See you next year!

and welcome!

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Returning home.

Returning home.

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