Rhodes, Greece
April 1986

The gate of St. Paul to the old city of Rhodes.

Due to circumstances in 2020 and 2021 whereby people throughout Europe were restricted with traveling abroad, I decided to take a look at some of my older travels of the past. This by lack of better and other opportunities to travel. These travels are the ones predating the digital era. In other words; the travels from which you print you photos on paper and from negatives! A concept when compared by current standards quite outdated!

Al the images there for are digitalized paper photographs that came out of photo books. These digitalized photographs are obviously not the best of quality. I also do not remember exactly where we went, when we went and the names of the places we visited, with the exception of a few. It has been such a long time ago. Therefore it is more like a revitalized memory with photographs compared to the other travel journals.

It is a bit like trying to re-live the old travels, do a bit of reminiscing over times gone by and more importantly; keeping yourself busy. I am hereby confronted with the out dated looks of a considerably younger version of me.

Oh dear, how sad, never mind!
(an expression probably known only to the older public)


April 1986


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This story covers our second visit to Greece, and to the island of Rhodes during the Easter holidays. Having looked at these photographs some memories of this holiday do return. Just fragments though, not that many and not that accurate.....


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As I mentioned before, the hotel was located alongside the coastal road that leads to the old city with the same name; Rhodes. Walking along this road to Rhodes takes about half an hour. It leads to the Northern tip of the island that has.....


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Today we have booked a tour across the island by bus. Our first stop is the village of Lindos, located on the East side of the Island. Lindos is known for its acropolis and for its whitewashed houses. This ancient town.....


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Today we have planned a visit to the nearby island of Symi. The island of Symi is part of the Dodecanese island chain and located about 41 kilometres north-northwest of Rhodes. The economy of Symi was traditionally based on the shipbuilding and.....


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