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Hello and thank you for visiting my travel page. My name is Johan Nobel and I live in Europe, in the Netherlands. I started with documenting my vacations a long time ago. For me it was fun to relive the moments by writing about them. Posting them on the web was the next logical step. Aside from documenting my own travel experiences I also like to read other peoples travel stories.

Travelling is a fun thing to do. You see new things and meet new people and taste new dishes. Just like many others I take a vacation every once in a while. These are not always long trips. Over the years I also made a number of short City trips. Just for a couple of days, to get away from it all.

Some years ago we visited the United States and stayed in New York for a week. Most trips however were made much closer to home, here in Europe. You always meet interesting people on the way. I very much like the South of Europe, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece to name a few. And not just for the beaches! I like the South European cuisine and I am always on the lookout for dishes I have not tried before. During my travels I often come across some impressive architectural marvels, either old or modern.


We made some short trips to various European cities, like Lisbon, Berlin, Prague, Madrid, Verona, Pisa, London, Warsaw and Porto to name a few. On each location there were many interesting things to see, things to do and dishes to taste. And the more you see and experience, the more you realize you have not seen and experienced that much. My “To Do” list is even longer then my list of the travels I have made so far.


I have posted most off my travel experiences on the web as a holiday journal and included a lot of photographic material to go with it. Have a browse through my list of travels, have a read, and enjoy your selves.


Daily Travel Quote
“People don´t take trips,
 trips take people.”

 John Ernst Steinbeck, American author
 Februari 27, 1902 – December 20, 1968

and welcome!